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Perk Skincare is the world’s first hybrid facial, merging a professionally delivered exfoliation with take-home products to extend the benefits of each treatment for a whole month.

Perk is distributed in the UK by The Consulting Room Group. Established in 2002, we have gained a reputation within the UK aesthetic market place for our in depth understanding of the sector, innovative approach to business and award winning service. We have been the exclusive distributors of HydraFacial since 2011 and now look after over 100 clinics in the UK.

Perk is manufactured in the USA by Edge Systems, the makers of HydraFacial MD. Edge Systems has their FDA listed manufacturing facility headquartered in Long Beach, CA. The company currently holds 17 US and worldwide patents, with 14 pending. Edge Systems is the first U.S. company to develop and coin the term ‘Hydradermabrasion’, and has taken aesthetic skin treatments to the next level, focusing on the significance of skin health. Utilising the latest technology combined with innovation, Edge has soared to the top with its revolutionary device, HydraFacial MD, which is now sold in over 75 countries.

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A few more things we want you to know about Edge Systems LLC

We care about your safety! All products and skin care solutions are 100% paraben-free.

We care about our animals! We do not participate in animal testing of any kind.

We care about the environment! All Perk vials are recyclable.

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